Sponsor Behind the MASK: Arizona Foothills Magazine

mike_tnAs president and publisher of Arizona Foothills Magazine, Michael Dee’s day is filled with everything from staff meetings and marketing plans, to creative brainstorms and high-profile events—all that comes with running one of the Valley’s most recognized luxury lifestyle publications.
But at the end of the day, Dee still has one very important thing left to do: Spend time with his son Spencer.

“He’s the love of my life,” Dee says. “As a parent, my motto is to be there always, all of the time.”

Connection is important to Dee, who says being involved in his son’s interests is pivotal in becoming a part of his life.

“Be involved in what your kids are interested in,” he says. “My son loves basketball and we talk about it every day because it’s so important to him.”

With so many outside factors, Dee understands that children can be easily influenced. Which is why he supports MASK and its mission of engaging, educating and empowering parents with the knowledge and tools they need to teach their children make healthy decisions.

“As parents, we can get busy with things in our everyday life and think everything is OK with our kids,” he says. “The reality is there are many issues our children face every day, things we don’t see behind the mask we all put on. It’s so important to get these issues out in the open and realize each family faces the same issues no matter who we are or where we live.

MASK creates awareness about these issues and tackles them. For this, we are thankful and are committed to supporting such a great organization.”

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