MASK The Magazine caters to a powerful and influential market consisting of parents, grandparents and families of school-age children, as well as educators, health care professionals, nutritionists, sports and recreation experts, and childcare providers. Using the newest database techniques and demographic filters, MASK The Magazine maintains an exclusive database of households that not only have school-age children, but also have the purchasing power that promotes and ensures the well-being of their children. We consult with marketing experts, as well as our readers, in collecting data about home, automobile, education and entertainment purchases to ensure that every copy of MASK The Magazine is placed in the hands of those who are invested in the health, safety and quality of life of today’s school-age children and their families.

2015 Distribution: 2,022,500 total

MASK The Magazine is distributed strategically to locations where families frequent such as Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCA’s, doctors and dentists offices, gyms, dance and karate studios, schools and community venues in which MASK awareness programs are executed throughout the Valley and state of Arizona.


Ad Sizes

Back Cover, Inside Front or Back Cover, Inside Cover Spread, Spread, Full Page , ½ Page Horizontal, 1/3 Page Vertical, ¼ Page Square. Join MASK (Mothers Awareness on School-age Kids) and MASK The Magazine in fostering positive communication between parents and their children – with a positive message comes positive results: engage, educate, empower.


Added Benefits

All advertisers within MASK The Magazine will receive additional exposure through our Social Media outlets (1,500,100 impressions across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest).

Full page advertisers receive a complimentary square ad on one page of the website (220×225 pixels).

Premium positioning advertisers (inside cover spread or spread) will receive a complimentary rotating banner on three pages of the website (981×252 pixels).

2015 Editorial Calendar

Spring (Feb/Mar/Apr)

The Prescription Drugs Issue
A look inside your medicine cabinet, and the trends that are occurring because of it.

Contract Due: January 15, 2015
Advertising Materials Due: January 20, 2015
On Sale: February 15, 2015

Fall (Aug/Sep/Oct)

The Safety Issue
How to prepare your family for emergency situations.

Contract Due: July 15, 2015
Advertising Materials Due: July 20, 2015
On Sale: August 15, 2015

Summer (May/Jun/Jul)

The Time Issue:
Making and taking time before it runs out.

Contract Due: April 15, 2015
Advertising Materials Due: April 20, 2015
On Sale: May 15, 2015

Winter (Nov/Dec/Jan)

The Integrity Issue
Instill values in your child to keep them on track.

Contract Due: October 15, 2015
Advertising Materials Due: October 20, 2015
On Sale: November 15, 2015